ABCDreams UK-Rotary WaSH Spring 2021

Status: Spring 2021, summary

As I left Tanzania in April 2021 The girls’ toilet block was finished, and structurally ready for grilles, plumbing, and painting.

Girls block with boys’ in background

Progress to date

  • Up to April 2021 we completed two toilet blocks and a washstand, with the girls’ block roofed and finished up to the stage of plastering and painting.
  • The boys’ toilets, as of the end of 2021 were put on hold until we return.
  • However, at the end of 2021, with our funding at an end, we still needed to finish the plastering and painting of the girls’ block.

We therefore made this appeal: to finish the plastering and painting, rendering the girls’ block accessible, at a cost of a further £645. An equivalent amount (plus plumbing) will be needed to finish the boys’ block but this can wait.

Perhaps this has been too ambitious a project. I went ahead on advice and only focussed on the benefits to the school. I will be looking at other sources of funding, including my GoFundMe page in order to complete this project.

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