ABCDreams UK-Rotary WaSH Project

ABCDreams UK-Rotary WaSH Project: Current Status

The ABCDreams UK-Rotary WaSH project proposed in 2020, a collaboration between ABCDreams (UK) and Rotary UK, at Lyasikika Secondary School remains unfinished as of April 2021.

As I arrived in Tanzania on January 4th I found project ongoing and operating on time. The effluent pit was complete, the two toilet block structures built to lintel level and plans were afoot for new doors and final plumbing fixtures.

Girls block with boys’ in background

However, we estimated from the district surveyor’s Bill of Quantity (BoQ) that we could build two blocks for the estimated cost of one, a sort of BOGOF! We decided to go ahead with the two blocks. This was also in line with the local Rotary Club of Moshi saying that the district BoQ was inflated to about double the actual cost.

Progress to date

  • To date in April 2021 we have completed two toilet blocks roofed and finished up to the stage of plastering and painting. The girls’ toilet is fully plumbed and fitted, ready for plaster and paint.
  • The boys’ toilets, not yet plumbed and fitted are on hold until we can finish the girls’ block.
  • However, we are at the end of our current funding. We have insufficient funds to finish the plastering and painting, let alone finish plumbing and fitting the boys’ block.

We therefore now make this appeal. To finish the plastering and painting, rendering the girls’ block accessible, we need a further £645. An equivalent amount (plus plumbing) will be needed to finish the boys’ block but this can wait. You can access our donation page here.

Perhaps this has been too ambitious a project. I went ahead on advice and only focussed on the benefits to the school. I will be looking at other sources of funding, including my GoFundMe page in order to complete this project.

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