ABCD UK & Rotary WaSH Spring 2022

Last year, pre-covid and after a lift in Covid restrictions, I reported the following:

The ABCDreams UK-Rotary WaSH project proposed in 2020, a collaboration between ABCDreams (UK) and Rotary UK, at Lyasikika Secondary School remains unfinished as of April 2021.

As I arrived in Tanzania on January 4th, 2021 I found the project ongoing and operating on time. The effluent pit was complete, the two toilet block structures were built to lintel level and plans were afoot for new doors and final plumbing fixtures.

However, we estimated from the district surveyor’s Bill of Quantity (BoQ) that we could build two blocks for the estimated cost of one, a sort of BOGOF! We decided to go ahead with the two blocks. This was also in line with the local Rotary Club of Moshi saying that the district BoQ was inflated to about double the actual cost.

The destroyed toilet due to subsidence in 2019

I am now happy to report that I’m due to return this year (2022) after our Covid19 recess. I’ll be there from January 23rd. My plan is to put the final finishes to the girls’ toilet which was left workable but lacking in plastering and tiling. I also hope to install a sanitary pad dispenser with a secure digital key and a disposal unit with training about the dangers of system blockage unless used properly. I plan also to tie in with a local charity to supply sanitary towels for the dispenser.

Meanwhile, the boys’ toilet will have to wait for the girls’ block to be finished and to see what we have left to do the job. This is normally the case with many building projects in Tanzania. Folks will start a project when funding allows, then stop when funds run out only to continue collecting until they have enough to continue.

I have been happy with the project to date and forever grateful to donors who have helped with this project. It demands some major infrastructure work, of course, but will be of huge benefit to the community. Here girls will stay home during menstruation rather than be caught out during school hours and also where the girls use the toilets at home rather than using the school’s, due to their very poor condition.

So, with hope, goodwill, and good fortune my next picture of this building will be the finished product with a happy headmaster!


I was also happy to see our washstand in use last year. Completed with the help of my friend Andy Butcher, his son Joe and a colleague from Morden Funday, Conor Fanning, and with funds from the good people of Morden Little League (here) in the first phase of the project, it has stood like a beacon summoning us to continue.

More news soon, and thank you,

John de Ronde, Operations Manager

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