International Day of the Girl Child, 11/10/23

The Girl Child remains constantly in need of support, not just in Africa, but all over the world. At ABCDreams UK we continue to offer our support to Binti Msafi Foundation, a local NGO set up in Hai district, Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania to support girls’ hygiene needs at the secondary level of education. Binti Msafi loosely translates from Swahili as ‘pure daughter’.

Traditionally, during their periods of menstruation, they stay home from school, not just because of the lack of facilities at the schools but also due to the stigma attached to these periods. I imagine that such things are not discussed outside of the home in much of the developing world.

Binti Msafi has already supplied disposable sanitary napkins to several schools in Hai District but would like to expand to as many schools as possible. The foundation is also setting up workshops for local mamas to begin making reusable kits for the girls to reduce initial costs.

Here I attach a proposal by Binti Msafi for this special day:

Subject: Proposal for International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, 2023.

On behalf of BINTI MSAFI FOUNDATION, I am pleased to present a proposal for an event to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child in Hai District in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, on October 11th, 2023.

We believe that this event will serve as a platform to raise awareness about the rights of girls and increase awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide. The celebration of this International Girls’ Day also reflects the successful emergence of girls and young women as a distinct cohort in development policy, programming, campaigning, and research and promotes their well-being and development.

1. Executive Summary: The proposed event aims to bring together various stakeholders, including government representatives, non-profit organizations, educators, parents, and children themselves, to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, 2023. The event will consist of a series of activities, including workshops, panel discussions, cultural performances, and exhibitions, all centered around promoting children’s rights and addressing issues that affect their well-being.

2. Objectives: The primary objectives of the event are as follows:

a. Raise awareness about the rights and well-being of girl children.

b. Promote the importance of quality education and access to healthcare.

c. Advocate for the elimination of child labor and child marriage.

d. Encourage active participation and engagement of children in decision-making processes.

e. Foster cultural exchange and celebrate the rich diversity of African heritage.

3. Date, Time, and Venue: We propose organizing the event on October 11, coinciding that is with the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, 2023. The venue will be the Lyasikika Secondary School in Lyamungo Sinde, Hai District Kilimanjaro Region, which can accommodate a large number of participants and provide the necessary facilities for the planned activities.

4. Event Program: The event program will comprise the following key activities:

a. Opening Ceremony: Formal inauguration by distinguished guests, including government officials, followed by cultural performances by local schoolchildren.

b. Panel Discussions: Experts and stakeholders will discuss topics such as child rights, education, healthcare, child protection, and participation.

c. Workshops and Training Sessions: Interactive sessions addressing various issues, including child labor, child marriage, gender equality, and children’s mental health.

d. Exhibitions: Display of artwork, projects, and initiatives related to children’s rights and well-being by local schools, NGOs, and community organizations.

e. Cultural Performances: Dance, music, and drama performances showcasing the diverse African cultures and traditions.

f. Children’s Forum: A platform for children to express their opinions, share experiences, and engage in dialogue with decision-makers.

g. Award Ceremony: Recognizing individuals, organizations, and schools making significant contributions to children’s rights and well-being.

5. Budget and Funding: We anticipate the total budget for the event to be approximately Tanzania Shillings 12,500,000 ($5000). We will seek financial support from corporate sponsors, international organizations, and local businesses, in addition to conducting fundraising activities and seeking in-kind contributions.

6. Collaboration and Partnerships: We believe in the power of collaboration and invite your esteemed organization to partner with us in organizing this event. We can leverage your expertise, resources, and networks to ensure the event’s success and maximize its impact.

7. Publicity and Promotion: To ensure widespread participation and coverage, we will employ various publicity strategies, including media partnerships, social media campaigns, press releases, and community outreach initiatives. We will also create a dedicated event website and engage with influencers and prominent figures to amplify the message.

8. Evaluation and Impact Assessment: We understand the importance of measuring the impact and effectiveness of the event. Therefore, we propose the following methods for evaluation:

a. Pre-Event Surveys: Conduct surveys among target participants, including children, parents, educators, and community members, to assess their knowledge and awareness about children’s rights and related issues.

b. Post-Event Surveys: Administer surveys after the event to gauge the participants’ satisfaction, level of understanding, and intention to take action towards promoting children’s rights.

c. Focus Group Discussions: Organize focused discussions with selected participants to gain qualitative insights into their experiences, key takeaways, and suggestions for future initiatives.

d. Social Media Analytics: Monitor online engagement, reach, and sentiment across various social media platforms to assess the event’s digital impact.

e. Stakeholder Feedback: Collect feedback from stakeholders, including partner organizations, sponsors, government representatives, and participating schools, to evaluate their perception of the event and identify areas of improvement.

f. Impact Assessment Report: Compile all the data and feedback gathered to prepare a comprehensive impact assessment report that highlights the achievements, challenges, and recommendations for future events and programs.

9. Sustainability and Follow-up: To ensure the event’s long-term impact, we propose the following sustainability measures:

a. Advocacy Campaign: Launch a sustained advocacy campaign to continue raising awareness about children’s rights and related issues beyond the event. This campaign can involve social media engagement, community workshops, and collaboration with local schools and organizations.

b. Capacity Building Workshops: Organize capacity-building workshops for educators, parents, and community leaders to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to advocate for children’s rights and implement child-friendly initiatives.

c. Collaboration with Local Authorities: Forge partnerships with local government authorities to incorporate children’s rights education into school curricula and develop policies and programs that promote child well-being.

d. Long-term Partnerships: Strengthen collaborations with partner organizations, government agencies, and local communities to ensure ongoing support and cooperation in addressing children’s rights issues.

10. Conclusion: We firmly believe that organizing an event to commemorate the Day of the African Child in the Kilimanjaro Region will significantly contribute to the promotion and protection of children’s rights in Tanzania. By bringing together various stakeholders and engaging the local community, we can create lasting change and provide a platform for children’s voices to be heard. We look forward to discussing this proposal further and exploring the possibility of partnering with your esteemed organization.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of African children and empower them to thrive. Thank you for considering our proposal. Should you require any additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Yours sincerely,  Irene Lema, Executive Director BINTI MSAFI FOUNDATION.


Contributions and donations to ABCDreams UK at shall be sent directly to this programme.

Post Script: due to a family funeral coinciding with this date, we propose to postpone this event to 2024.