Art Building Children’s Dreams (UK)

ABCDreams UK

ABCDreams (UK)-enabling Tanzanian children to realize their dreams. We teach art as a regular event and sell students’ work back in the UK to return funds to the village. These funds, plus your donation support orphans and otherwise vulnerable children. Our focus rests on one small village in Northern Tanzania. Donated funds help to purchase school uniforms, school meals, and hygiene products for girls. We also raise funds from different sources for school infrastructure projects where these become necessary.

In the future, we plan to assist children mainly but not exclusively in secondary schools. Primary costs, including school uniforms and school lunch programmes at approximately £30 annually per pupil are more manageable for challenged families. Secondary costs rise to double that per student.

Education in Tanzania

Disproportionately large school populations affect most government schools in Tanzania. The current median age in Tanzania is 18 years! The government, therefore, struggles to provide adequate schooling, both in terms of classrooms and of teachers. In one of our local schools, the pupil-teacher ratio is 1 to 70! 2023 was a particularly bad year for test results nationwide. This may well be the after-effect of the pandemic, of course.

Our Pledge

Our pledge, then, like your local supermarket, is to drive down costs and maximise revenue for the children of one village in Tanzania. Karibuni sana (You are all welcome)!

Our School Uniform Project

ABCDreams (UK)-enabling Tanzanian children to realize their dreams


In the past, we supplied school uniforms at the primary level to all pupils but would like now to concentrate on secondary students. This cost can be as much as £35 per student, including shoes. Our (virtual) doors are open for those of you who would like to sponsor a child through their secondary education. Normally, about 30% of students come from challenged families, many also as orphans living with grandparents. This cost becomes particularly acute when there is more than 1 attending!

ABCDreams (UK)-enabling Tanzanian children to realize their dreams. You can help. There is still time to donate if you so wish until 30th June, when the school year ends. Your donations will also help keep girls in school with our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) project. See here for details.
Thank you. You may donate directly here or contact us for help here.