Art Building Children’s Dreams (UK)

ABCDreams (UK) keeps its focus small and tight, driving down costs and overheads. We deliver all moneys surplus to costs (12% in 2020) to services the orphans and otherwise vulnerable children. Remaining funds buy school uniforms and finally school infrastructure projects.

In future we plan to assist children of all 4 schools in the village with school breakfast programmes. Disproportionately large school populations affects most government schools in Tanzania. In 2014 in Tanzania 45% of the population was under 15 years! The government therefore struggles to provide adequate schooling.

Our pledge, then, like your local supermarket, is to drive down costs and maximise revenue for the children of one village in Tanzania. Karibuni sana (You are all welcome)!

A special request for funds to keep the girls in school…join my Canada-Africa Partnership (CAP) ride June 30th: join or donate here. Thank you