Tanzania WaSH Project 2023 Summary

In my last post, I suggested that we would be finishing the boys’ toilet block by early March 2023. In this Tanzania WaSH project 2023 summary I can report that we have made progress in installing all metal internal doors, grilles, and an external door as in the girls’ block.

The total cost for this came to £810 due in part to increased materials costs here in Tanzania. With the pledge of £750 gratefully received from my friends at the Rotary Club of Callington we have been able to complete these essential security features for the toilets. We still need to complete the plumbing estimated at £410 as well as the final finish in paint estimated at £172 approx.

I will be working in the UK from the beginning of April to continue to raise the funds needed.

Meanwhile, the ‘Seed4Feed’ programme is well underway as I write. The fields were ploughed on time and are now planted with the maize seed and initial fertilizer supplement. I’m still very proud of this programme, first set up by ABCDreams UK with the help of the Rotary Club of Morden in 2017. Subsequently, RC Callington has also contributed so this has proved a successful collaboration for ABCD UK and Rotary. As I write we are still awaiting a second rain to enhance germination! Everything here depends on the ‘rains down in Africa!’ Please continue to help us get this past the finish line! Donate here: paypal.me/abcduk. Thank you

Pictures and video are from the boys’ block and the fields in the ‘Seed4Feed’ programme.