Lyasikika WaSH Project Spring 2019

Our Lyasikika WaSH Project (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) project, the students’ handwash stand at Lyasikika Secondary School, Northern Tanzania finished on time and on budget (almost!).

A mapping of school WASH in every school in 16 districts (2,697 schools) carried out jointly by WaterAid, UNICEF and others shows that the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene in pre‐primary, primary, and secondary schools in Tanzania is lamentable.

Lyasikika Secondary (a Machame East ward school in Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region) is no exception. Until we completed the WaSH facility students at Lyasikika Sec, Hai district walked 100 metres to a single standpipe to wash their hands. and this from 2 toilet blocks that are in a ‘lamentable’ state.

Girls’ Toilet Block

This Lyasikika WaSH Project facility is therefore a timely asset for the school. Work commenced around mid-March this year (2019) and was complete by 9th April (bar a paint job and a bit more tiling). The ‘fundis’ came from the village and the main contractor has been working with the school since its inception 20 years ago. He worked closely with both the head and the maintenance teacher.

Although ABCDreams (UK) managed the project, the funds were kindly donated in most part from the Rotary Club of Callington, Cornwall and their rotary district, 1175, and in smaller part by rotary colleagues in Rotary Morden, south London (district 1145).

To complete the Lyasikika WaSH Project we hope that during this year and into the beginning of 2020 we raise enough funds to build 2 new toilet blocks. This will be ambitious and, of course, risky but it can also provide a lasting legacy for ABCDreams (UK) and Rotary in Tanzania. The headteacher has already commented that this will be a model for other schools to emulate. Please donate generously through the ‘donate’ page on this site or through Many thanks.

Monday, March 18th Start
Tuesday 26th March
with Morden Little League
Friday 29th March

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