Who We Are

John de Ronde — Director


Currently swinging between London and Tanzania, I came to Tanzania originally on a Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) expedition in September 2007. I was assigned to the Marangu Teachers Training College, perched on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, to train staff on the use of ICT in Education. Marangu TTC is just down the road from where Frank was working so it was then that our paths crossed.

While working within the VSO placement I became acquainted with the village of Lyamungo Sinde through a colleague at the college. I was introduced to the secretary of the village committee, one Bibi Elinaike Lema, who outlined the problems facing the village, including the 172 orphans and vulnerable children she had documented.

Introduced to the then pastor Nixon Kowero of the Lutheran congregation who verified Bibi’s data and who was already helping some of the children, I decided to set up ABCDreams (UK) with the help of my friend Frank in Canada. He suggested I use his model for our constitution. I worked in partnership with the pastor who guided my projects and eased my way into the community. Since setting up ABCDreams (UK) I have worked to establish contacts and a network in the UK to support the vulnerable children of Lyamungo Sinde.

ABCDreams (UK) Children

In our first year of operation, 2013, we supported 65 primary school children in 3 local schools. This figure has stayed quite constant at primary level. This year (2020) we support 71 children. In 2013 funds would not allow full support so we whittled the number down to the most vulnerable. Since then many of the children we started with are now at secondary school where we continue to provide support. The total number of children hovers around 100 year-on-year.

More information will be added to this page as more people come on board ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams (UK).