During the 5 years to date that we have worked with the village of Lyamungo Sinde (L.S.) in northern Tanzania we have provided school fees and school lunches for over 100 children at primary and secondary levels.

As well as support for the children we have had the good fortune to improve some school infrastructures. These include in 2014 a new toilet block, and in 2016 a refurbished kitchen and fuel-efficient cooker at L.S. Primary (Christian-Muslim), in 2016 a new kitchen and fuel-efficient cooker at ARI (Agricultural Research Institute) Primary and in 2016-7 a new fuel-efficient cooker at Mwowe Primary (Muslim-Christian).

As an alternative to the school lunch programme at the secondary school where we support over 30 students we set up a school planting programme where each year to whole school is involved with planting their own future food provision for the following year. This includes 10 acres of maize and beans – the dietary staple in Tanzania (see here for a view).

During the next two years we shall endeavour to supply a hand-wash facility and two new toilet blocks at the secondary school. Stay tuned for details!