Our Pledge

In an endeavour to keep our enterprise small and tightly focused we will spend as little as possible on fund-raising, on event management and on overheads. All moneys surplus to our low costs (12% in 2020) will be delivered in services to the orphaned and otherwise vulnerable children of Lyamungo Sinde in northern Tanzania. Funds will be used to pay school fees for the children (see Lyamungo Sinde) in the first instance. Any funds remaining will go on books and stationery and finally on school uniforms.

Further into the future we hope also to assist the children of all 4 schools in the village with supplementary food supplies such as fruit and milk in the morning or even subsidised school lunches. There is a great need in every African school simply because the school populations are disproportionately large. In 2014 in Tanzania 45% of the population was under 15 years! It is easy to see that any government will struggle to provide adequate schooling under these circumstances.

Main RoadSo, our pledge, like in your local supermarket, is to drive down costs and maximise revenue for the children of one village in Tanzania. Karibuni sana (You are all welcome)!