April Showers…

Showering our donors with thanks at the start of this our second quarter of 2015 I want to recall the events of the previous quarter by reproducing a letter read out by the students of Lyamungo Sinde Primary School at the opening of their new toilets:

Kids thanks

Thanking pupils for their letter of thanks

To Ndugu Mgeni Rasmi and Auntie Martha

Dear honoured guest we are students of the primary school Lyamungo Sinde. First we give thanks to you for accepting to come to the ceremony of the inauguration of our main toilet building and a guest toilet. We know you have a busy role to play today but we are grateful that you have agreed to our request. Our school leadership and students, we say thank you very much.

Dear guest, our school became active on 11.01.1960 with 56 students, boys 30 and girls 26 with 3 teachers. Now our school has 215 students, including initially boys 18 and girls 16 girls in pre-primary.

Dear guest for the academic side, we want our teachers to know that we are grateful for their commitment. We were fortunate to get teachers and new administrative staff this year. These teachers have a very difficult task of instruction in our school.

Dear guest we have succeeded in our school by getting different donors to help us. We were able to keep our school environment clean and to enable students to have a good school life. We have managed to impart a modern toilet and a large, sufficient water supply. We say thank you very much Mr. John and Auntie Martha.

Dear guest we ask for the support for the new toilets, buildings, computers and books so the teachers to the profession should be able to rise to the level of good instruction, if we managed to get these items we can lift instruction levels in our school.

Dear guest we are very grateful for the building of our toilet and water supply. We see various challenges ahead and we trust our application to be part of the work that will allow us to accept those challenges.

Yours truly
The students of Lyamungo Sinde Primary

I translated it (with the help of Google translate, of course) but it took a while! Sorry! It was a heartfelt thanks from the students and warmly received by all the guests.

Since then I have also been working on the art programme mentioned in my last post at Lyamungo ARI Primary School from which I have created (with the help of the students’ work!) a ‘Thank you’ card. So a huge “Thank you” to all our donors contributing to our success in 2014!