September 2014 Update


Martha’s girls, Lyamungo Sinde

September has proved a momentous month for ABCD (UK). As operations manager my feet have not yet touched ground! Since coming into Tanzania on the 5th I have reconnected with all principles in our project, including all the headmasters of the Lyamungo Sinde Schools, the Ward Education Officer and the new Lutheran pastor. I have initiated an art programme in Mwowe school which I overlooked last year. I have worked to re-establish contact with Martha’s girls in all 3 schools in the village through their presiding teachers and distributed new pads for the coming months. I have remade contact with some of the principle people involved with ABCD Canada in Marangu West and will be looking into the ICT teaching programmes at Makomu Secondary School.

Work on Martha’s toilets is ongoing too. I have established a water supply to the building and will be hosting a grand opening before the end of the current year, coinciding with the retirement of the head teacher at Lyamungo Sinde Primary school, Mr. Mwasha. Next year I hope to be able to raise some funds for a new set of toilets desperately needed at the tiny ARI school with only about 100 pupils but with a very old infrastructure.


Inspecting for water supply

My work takes me out of Moshi twice a week now, with one day dedicated to teaching and co-coordinating work in Lymungo Sinde and another with ongoing work in Marangu west, coinciding with the setting up of our new ABCD Tanzania NGO. I have since connected with an existing NGO here,  Children’s Aid Tanzania, seeking to raise interest from potential volunteers. Martha’s contribution last year proved a Godsend for the schools. I feel that even though funds brought into the village to help the children is very welcome, feet on the ground to help in their education is life-changing, both for the volunteer and for the children. Martha’s contribution is remembered well and with affection from much of the community that she was able to influence.

Looking ahead, October may settle into a less hectic workload hopefully, although the agenda is beginning to fill up quite effectively. I continue with my art programme at Mwowe and will continue with an introduction of the programme into ARI school. Because ARI and Roxwell School in Essex 9Roxwell being my daughter Sophie’s home turf) are about the same size, I would like to introduce the schools to each other and perhaps create a link as I did last year between L.S. primary and Roxwell. This worked well except that there were 2-3 L.S. pupils for every one pupil in Roxwell. And with my new link to Priors Field School in Godalming, Surrey I hope to generate some work between the pupils at L.S and Mwowe and those perhaps of year 9 at Priors Field. We have yet to work out a programme. That will hopefully come when I’m back in the UK in December.

So, much on my plate but enjoying every minute. It’s good to be busy and to know that the work has been successful and appreciated by all concerned. With a healthy September under my belt and looking forward to a busy October, I will update again in a month’s time.