Developing moments…

Lots of water under the bridge this month! Long ago, in lifetimes past I had a close friend and colleague while teaching in Watford, UK. We met up again digitally recently, on Facebook, as you do. Turns out he has a daughter who would very much like to come and contribute to Lyamungo Sinde Primary School here, both as a donor and as a teacher. The staff at L.S. Primary are of course delighted by the prospect. The school struggles with lack of resources, as do all schools here and welcomes all contributions whether personal or monetary.

So, my time has been dedicated to making the appropriate arrangements for Martha Austin to come next February to teach as a volunteer for 6 months. We are already looking forward to the prospect and I think it will be a very rewarding experience for her. The children here are absolutely lovely and are full of hope for a better future. Despite the lack of resources, they are eager to learn and dedicated to doing the best they can. I’m sure that teaching will be a challenge, especially with the language barrier but where there’s a will, I’m sure a way will be found.

Meantime the pupils of standard 4 here have been doing some excellent artwork in preparation of communications with their fellows in Roxwell Primary, Essex. They have collectively written a letter of introduction and they’ve completed some wonderful decorations of paper plates:

The children of standard 4 were very happy to have the chance to do these paintings. Now all the other classes are asking when will it be their turn? Lots more work to do!

mango tree

Mango Tree by Hamza Rashidi


Peacock by Philipo Nickson


Hen by Joshua Baraka

Elephant by Amour Badi