Week six – Roxwell, Essex, UK

My researches for exhibition space in London to show childrens’ drawings from Lyamungo Sinde Primary School in Tanzania have come to naught. Space is at a premium and it will take much longer than I have to find the space I need. I have noticed a few art festivals, such as the Wandsworth Arts Festival and will look out for these next year.  Meanwhile, living temporarily with my daughter Sophie here in Roxwell, Essex has given me the idea that marrying up two villages, one here in the UK and one in Africa, namely Lyamungo Sinde in northern Tanzania would be a good idea.

In a meeting with the head teacher at Roxwell Primary School I discussed the possibility of a link between Lyamungo Sinde Primary and Roxwell Primary. The head teacher also kindly suggested I might be able to exhibit some of the children’s work from Africa as well as some of my photos at a community event to take place in the school hall.

These are both wonderful suggestions and could lead to a promising development for both schools. I believe that the children of Roxwell could learn much about Africa from the children at Lyamungo Sinde and vice versa. It would be a wonderful opportunity if the children at each school could be seen to mutually benefit from the link.

One of the vehicles we suggested to create a link might be the childrens’ art work. The head teacher at Roxwell suggested that they could supply some drawing and painting materials, as well as encourage the pupils at Roxwell to work to exchange art with the African children. I suggested that the African children would be thrilled to receive children’s work from Roxwell. Education is deemed so important in Africa but is such a struggle that for the children of Lyamungo Sinde to know that they have friends in the UK would be very much appreciated.

I suggested that we start with an assembly at Roxwell where I could introduce the Roxwell pupils to Lyamungo Sinde Primary school. I look forward to fitting back into my role as a teacher, this time with an identifiable, charitable benefit.

Roxwell Primary School – Roxwell, Essex