Progress to Date

Our progress to date (at the opening of this webspace) includes the addition of two computers in the village of Lyamungo Sinde in Machame ward, Moshi Rural, Kilimanjaro. The community has, until now been completely cut off from internet access and feels isolated in a world growing (groaning?) with communications. Most people have mobile phones but these are pre-smartphone varieties, used for texting and voice only.

We have donated one computer to the primary school, including an all-in-one printer for photocopy and faxing. They have never had one before! We also donated a computer for the parish office in the church. These will, we hope, give at least a few people in the village access to internet communications. Computers are a long way from supporting orphaned children, I know but a little boost such as this helps the whole village. The parish is constantly seeking help for the needy in the village and ready access to email and web searching will surely be a help.

We are currently encouraging art classes in the primary school to fit in with the theme of our charity – Art Building Children’s Dreams. Art work is on-going and it is my hope to bring some of it back to the UK to set up in an exhibition for fund-raising. It is our intention to let children from one class, such as Standard 7 (Level 7, Grade 7) enjoy new drawing and painting experiences, including supply of materials and to suggest to these pupils that their work will be created to support some of their more needy friends and relations – children orphaned due to HIV/Aids or Otherwise Vulnerable Children (OVC’s). Hence, we hope to instill a sense of altruism for the young people – working to help others in their village. More soon.